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Eli Manning and his arm strength have come under fire in recent days following a viral video that showed a supposed dip in his overall arm strength. The video was shot during the New York Giants’ mandatory minicamp and Tweeted out by beat reporter Matt Lombardo. Since then, the concern about Manning’s arm strength waning at age 38 has only intensified following former Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s comments about how different it is adjusting to a strong-armed quarterback like Cleveland Browns starter Baker Mayfield. We’ve got good news for you as current Giants wide receiver Bennie Fowler is here to quell these concerns.

According to Fowler, Manning can still sling the football with plenty of arm strength. In fact, Fowler is confident Manning has a stronger throwing arm overall then Peyton Manning.

“I played two years with Peyton and two years with Eli: Eli has a stronger arm,” Fowler said, via NJ Advance Media.”It’s not really all about arm strength. It’s about the combination, where the ball can be placed. I think he has more than enough arm strength and you can see it out here.

“That’s just what I see from catching from both of them: Eli has the stronger arm,” Fowler added. “That’s not a knock on Peyton. We won a Super Bowl.

“Eli has more zip. It’’s a catch-able ball to catch and run. Peyton had the same type of ball.”

Fowler is famous in some circles for catching the final pass of Peyton’s NFL career. Fowler worked with Peyton for the final two years of his career and he joined the Giants during the 2018 season. During the Giants’ second minicamp practice on Wednesday, Fowler caught a touchdown from Manning during red zone drills. However, it was a pass that Manning threw Fowler’s way earlier in practice that grabbed his attention and confirmed his suspicion about the veteran two-time Super Bowl MVP’s current arm strength.

“Eli threw a ball (Wednesday) and it hit me in the chest so hard,” Fowler said. “There is plenty there to win, to make all the throws. He can throw the ball down field, and he’s thrown it well since we’ve been back.”

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