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Those words were uttered by a woman sitting inside Worcester District Court moments after former UMass Medical School Dr. Marcus Cooper was found guilty of photographing a woman in a bathroom stall.

The woman inside the courtroom was the victim in the case. The people were a jury.

Cooper, 50, of Grafton, was sentenced to one year in jail with 60 days to serve after he was found guilty of secretly photographing an unsuspecting nude person. The balance of the sentence was suspended for three years. Cooper will be on probation for those three years and must undergo mental health evaluations.

Cooper was sentenced to pay a $150 fine after he was found guilty of disorderly conduct.

The former UMass cardiologist was found guilty on both charges by a jury Thursday after a two-day trial.

Cooper took a picture of a female medical student inside a bathroom stall in the Albert Sherman Center at the UMass Medical School campus in Worcester on Sept. 1, 2015.

As of December 2015, he was no longer an associate professor or employee at the hospital and medical school. He also turned in his license to practice medicine after he was initially charged.

The woman, who spoke in court before sentencing, was in a bathroom stall and heard a clicking noise. She tried to confront Cooper after she spotted a cellphone camera lens pointing at her.

“You have no idea who I am. If you did, you wouldn’t be doing this,” Cooper told the woman.

In court, the victim said she was three weeks into medical school when the incident happened.

It impacted her entire life. She was afraid to use public restrooms, afraid to go on campus and endured personal attacks by Cooper and others, she said.

“Because of this incident, I now have anxiety each time that I use a public restroom,” she said. “The events that took place on Sept. 1 ruined every sense of safety and security I felt on campus.”

The woman’s father told the judge the actions by Cooper have taken a toll on her for the past four years, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

“It has forever tainted her memories and experience of medical school,” the family said.

Prosecutor Lambrini Pashou said in 1994 at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland, Cooper was also accused of peering over a bathroom stall and looking at a woman. The same woman said Cooper also used a mirror to look at her in the stall.

The prosecutor said Cooper admitted to doing it in a letter.

Other women at UMass came forward and told investigators Cooper was spotted lingering around bathrooms, not near his office. Cooper was only charged in the September 2015 case.

Defense attorney James Gribouski said his client should have been sentenced to probation and not jail time.

Cooper, who is married, was abused as a child by his stepfather and began to take medicine and undergo treatment for a mental disorder after the 1994 incident, the defense lawyer said.

Gribouski never mentioned the specific disorder. He said Cooper relapsed after going off the medication in order to have children.

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