Mitchell Trubisky Jersey

Ethan Asofsky isn’t Mitch Trubisky’s buddy. The 2013 University of Illinois graduate and second year UCLA law school student was on Thursday’s telecast of “The Price Is Right” and as he was spinning the game show’s big wheel, he name-checked the Bears quarterback, among others.

He thanked “my fiancee, Hillary, my pal Matt from law school who’s here with me and Mitchell Trubisky, my buddy.”

Moments later Asofsky tweeted in response: “Hey Dan, Ethan here from the price is right. Thanks for posting! I don’t actually know Mitchell Trubisky.”

Asofsky, who grew up in Highland Park, told the Tribune that he and his real buddy Matt O’Donnell, a fellow law school student, decided to take a break from the books and attend a taping of “The Price Is Right” last month at CBS studios near his apartment. It was their first time going to the show.

While in line, Asofsky and O’Donnell, both Bears fans, hatched the idea to call out Trubisky’s name if they defied the odds and got on stage. “We thought it would be picture-perfect hilarious,” he said.

Remarkably, Asofsky, 27, not only was summoned to play but reached the dramatic wheel-spinning stage for a chance to compete in the “showcase showdown.”

“I should have said ‘Bear Down,’ but I was so nervous I said ‘my buddy.’ … it was just a hilarious slip of the tongue.”

He said he was flooded with questions today from people who wanted to know how he knew Trubisky, whom he never has met.

Not only is Asofsky getting all this attention for his Trubisky moment, he also won a 58-inch television and a hard-boiled egg maker on the show.

“It was all in good fun,” Asofsky said. “Memories for a lifetime.”

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